Same Sex Marriages And Religion

Diverse religions may have the same viewpoints to same sex marriages which attitude may be termed one additionally the same word, ‘prohibition’.

Islam bears strictly prohibited all kinds of equivalent sex marriages. As per the Quran 7:80-1 “And Great deal! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Would probably ye commit abomination for instance no creature by chance did before you? Lo! ye come with lust unto men in place of women. Certainly, but ye are wanton people.” Henceforward, no way of same sex marriage is allowed in Islam making it considered a sin.
Despite the broad variations between various Christian denominations, which often specifically include different views of sexuality, you are able to draw a general picture of the underlying views and also Biblical doctrines.

A few years back, we prominently celebrated the courage of San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom along with several other courageous heads around the country. These kinds of leaders took a position yourself on same sex marriage as they felt it absolutely was right and even just. This can be the first time in history while so many cities and general public officials have stood for what is correct and what is moral. Because of this good courage, there are various same sex newlyweds! Yours trully proud to say, this year I am going to be celebrating the two year anniversary of my own marriage!

The basis of a lot of Christian views comes from the clue that human sexuality was created by God with the twin purposes of procreation and intimacy bringing a sexually active couple into a detailed emotional and religious relationship through the next physical relationship. As such, it should be restricted to a monogamous, life time relationship between a man as well as a woman: marriage. Spousal relationship is a commitment to an everlasting and lasting romantic relationship and a basis on which to build a stable family. Because of the emphasis on the procreative function of sex, relationships and specific acts that do not lead to conception are frowned upon or expressly forbidden in some denominations. Though most Christian denominations now accept contraception within marriage, no Christian denomination permitted it before 1930.

In my opinion extramarital affairs and dishonesty weaken the institution of marriage. Bigamy, spousal abuse, child molestation have weakened the institution of marriage. Marriage for citizenship, fame, or sex has weakened the institution of marriage. Biblical interpretations and murder for insurance benefits have weakened the institution of marriage. Who wants to marry a millionaire! I could go on and on with examples of how America’s values have not only weakened the institution of marriage, they have destroyed it! Same sex marriage has absolutely nothing to do with heterosexual marital dysfunction.

The traditional family has gone through an enormous transformation. The divorce rate continues to skyrocket, and the reality of unwed mothers has become the norm. Because of these facts, I would think this country has more important issues to tackle instead of restricting the basic right of marriage. Healthcare, social security, affordable housing for everyone and the national deficit need much more attention!

Abortion Information And Abortion Facts

A study purporting to find a link between abortions and intense depression does not hold up to scrutiny, as per a new report in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.
The original analyze, conducted by Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, has been a source of contention since its publication in 2009, when ever critics pointed out flaws in the statistical analysis. Those errors triggered a correction by Coleman and her colleagues, but outside researchers found other problems with the paper. Most importantly, they report in the February issue of the journal, the original researchers included mental health ailments not only after abortion, but all across the life span, making it impossible to know whether the psychological problems came before or after the procedure.
“This is not a scholarly difference of opinion; their facts were flatly wrong. This was an abuse of the scientific process to reach conclusions that are not supported by the data,” study researcher Julia Steinberg, an assistant professor in the University of California, San Francisco’s department of psychiatry, said in a statement. “The shifting explanations and misleading statements that they offered over the past two years served to mask their serious methodological errors.”

An early termination is known as an abortion. There are people who strongly oppose abortions but unfortunately when it is a matter of life or death then there is no argument to fight.Abortion ends a pregnancy before birth.  It occurs naturally in 15–40 percent of all established pregnancies — when an embryo or fetus stops developing and the body expels it.  This is called spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, or early pregnancy loss.  Women choose abortion in less than 25 percent of the 6,000,000 pregnancies that are diagnosed in the U.S. every year — 50 percent of which are unintended.  This is called induced abortion.When is the procedure done?Most places will only do a medical abortion using methotrexate and misoprostol up to seven weeks from the start of your last period. Where the mifepristone and misoprostol combination is available, it may be used slightly longer, up to nine weeks after your last period.General instructionsAlways check with your clinic, but general instructions before undergoing an abortion include:    * Don’t eat, drink or smoke for six hours before the operation.    * Allow for at least two hours at the clinic.    * Bring sanitary pads, your referral letter, blood group card, Medicare card and any health care card.    * Arrange for someone to drive you home.Can abortion lead to infertility?Inflammation of the Fallopian tubes and ovaries caused by the Chlamydia organism is the most common cause of infertility following an abortion. Examination for Chlamydia is now routine in most hospitals and clinics and, if necessary, the patient will be treated before the abortion is carried out. Private abortionsYou can contact a private abortion clinic without being referred by a doctor. However, the NHS will not pay for this, and before the abortion can take place, the agreement of two doctors is still required. The clinic will make the arrangements. Costs for abortions in private clinics vary, and will depend on:    * which organisation, or company, carries out the abortion,    * the stage of pregnancy (earlier abortions are usually less expensive),    * whether an overnight stay is needed, and    * the method of abortion that is used.If you are considering an abortionFeature Articles, it is important to talk to somebody about it as soon as possible.

The Reality Of Reality Tv

Author Vaughn Alaine-Marshal explores the world of the reality TV show in the first book of a trilogy, Uberstar (Hendlin Books) What begins as a narration of the goings on of a reality show however, quickly morphs into a commentary on the consciousness of our times, society, politics, and the other factors in the world today that allow for such a phenomenon to even exist.

In researching the book, Marshal spoke to insiders in the reality tv business, and contestants in past episodes of American Idol, Australian Idol and Indian Idol. The events that unfold in the book, therefore, are far buy pain killers less fiction than they are based on hard fact.

Because of the fact that Uberstar interweaves so many different elements, the appeal of the e-book is not restricted to any single reader fraction. Those aspirants looking for a clue to crack the opposition will want a copy because of the expose style of writing that examines the attitudes and mindsets of the judges, producers and contestants. If there were clues to crack the competition, they would be found in Uberstar.

The book examines various aspects of society, economy, and politics today, primarily to try and understand how a perversion such as reality Tv, that destroys far more ludicrous numbers of lives and dreams than it nurtures, could be allowed to exist in today’s world. An excerpt:

MJ: “It only looks like there’s only so much to go around, or that you’ve got to put food on the table sooner. In reality, every generation has had to do it quicker and better than the one before. Yes, there are more people to service, but you’ve forgotten that the more people there are, the more services they are going to need, and the more they are going to need, the more people are required to service those needs. There are more movies being made now than at any other time in humanhistory. I should know, I finance a bogload of them.”
“Yes, but Mike, there are twice the number of people on the planet now than when we were born. A lot of people are slipping through the cracks.”
“You mean – not going to become middle class?”
“People are starving and living in cardboard boxes.”
“Be that as it may, all this nonsense about hard times is an illusion. A very essential illusion.”
“An essential illusion?”
“Yes,” MJ drops, nodding appreciation to the waiter who is placing his fresh beer on the table.
“Because happy people don’t buy as much stuff.”
Col coughs and laughs as he picks up and opens the menu.

Domestic Violence And Abuse – The Ugly Reality

Do you know that just a little over one in four women in the US report intimate partner aggression? Did you know that one in three high school age females in the US experiences violence in a dating relationship? How about the annual medical care costs of domestic violence at $5.8 billion. Did you know that one? And are you aware that a lesbian in the United States will experience domestic violence in 50% of her important relationships, and gay men experience domestic physical violence two out of five times-nearly twice that of directly women.

As shocking since these figures are, even more shocking is always that the number one and two reasons behind women deaths during pregnancy are domestic homicide and suicide usually tied to abuse. And three women every day are killed by a partner. Whenever you see a TV reveal and a husband or wife is murdered, why is it that they usually check with a spouse first. That is not just TV, it truly is reality-an ugly reality.

Violence against women is nearing epidemic proportions domestically and even more so globally. In few countries like India and Egypt women are not safe at anyplace. There was a police chief from a large Indian location recently that publicly urged women to commence carrying pepper sprays as their first line of self-defense against residential violence and domestic abuse.

We have to concede this point, police conduct respond to calls of domestic violence and household abuse with much more vigor than they did even five years ago. It used to be when police got a call for a domestic dispute, it was treated with a wink and a nod and hardly ever even written up.

That in part accounts for the dramatic rise in reports of domestic violence. Women see results when they file a complaint.

The Oxfam Charity Scam

Charity scams are with the most awful of all scams. Most of the people believe the information they receive from a charity more conveniently when compared with details from other sources, especially a major international charity like Oxfam. Oxfam have a highly respected reputation.

Such a reputation is easily used to convince people to part with money not for charitable purposes, but for fraudulent ones – to persuade people to offer their personal details, including bank account numbers. The Oxfam name has been used despicably in a recent charity scam.

As with many online scams, it usually begins with an e mail. The e mail says that the charity is offering cash grants to individuals. All you need to do is reply with your highly personal information. Of course, this includes your bank account details.

The first indication that all may not be what it seems is that the e mail is sent from a webmail address at, and not from Oxfam itself. You will receive an 070 phone number to call to offer your details. It’s thought that the call is directed overseas, where the scammers receive the information.

You can look out for the many different headers used on the emails, Oxfam UK Grant/Donation and Final Recipient of Oxfam GB Cash Grant being just two. Not surprisingly, the grant amounts vary, but they’re usually quite substantial – £750,000 or £850,000 has been offered.

If your common sense vanishes and greed overtakes you enough that you respond to offer your personal and financial details, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll find your identity stolen and your bank account quickly emptied. Oxfam reported the scam to the Charity Commission and the police. It has been quick to point out that it never offers cash grants to individuals. And if it did, it would never do so in an e mail. Nor would it ask for a cash sum upfront in order to secure the grant.

How To Avoid The Scam

The first action is to make sure that your spam filter is working in your e mail account. Many e mail service providers now have effective spam filters in place, and will automatically trash suspected spam e mails.

Secondly, always be wary of a webmail address being used, rather than a proper email address. Charities will send e mails from their own e mail address and will not rely on a webmail address such as

What should I do if I receive the e mail anyway?

Firstly, you should not reply, however great the temptation. The only ones who are going to profit are the scamsters. And how likely is that a renowned charity is going to hand over such a substantial amount of money to you, when they don’t even know you?

Secondly, do not call the number given. Lack of communication is the most effective way to disarm scams.

What if I’m a victim of the scam already?

If you’re a victim of the Oxfam scam, you should inform your bank and request a change to your account. You should inform the police, though they may not be able to assist you. You should inform Oxfam. It may help them build a case against those behind the scam. Remember to act as quickly as possible.

Inform credit reporting agencies too. It’s a common occurrence in the case of identity theft that the scamsters open a new credit account. You may request a block on this through the credit reporting agency.